Care About Skincare?

I've been thinking about skincare a lot recently. I will soon officially be in my late twenties and feel like I'm constantly bombarded by magazines and ridiculous celebrity tips about how to keep your skin in good condition to avoid the dreaded, but inevitable ageing process! While I was in New Zealand my skin condition noticeably improved, so much so I pretty much stopped wearing foundation. That probably helped too, you can't exactly pack a ton of makeup right on there 24/7 and expect your skin to be cool with that. So since coming back to the fresh, clean air of London I'm trying to be as good to my skin as possible. I've changed my makeup (bad) habits and finally quit fake tan, however I cannot promise to keep this one up come summer time, my legs would reflect the light and blind people. The most important step though is proper skincare, so I've put together a break down on what prevents my breakouts!

When I was in Australia there was one thing and one thing only on my shopping list - Kora Organics. Kora is a skincare range created by Miranda Kerr and generally I don't believe things celebrities endorse but this is a great line of products that she genuinely helped create, and you can tell. Almost all the Kora products contain noni extract, which is an antioxidant fruit that Miranda swears by. She says she's been drinking noni juice since the age of twelve thanks to her grandmother. It has no proven benefits as of yet so I'm not going to drink it, I mean it won't make me look like her so y'know why go to the trouble. The products do have a bunch of things I do like though, including Rosehip oil, Camomile, Lavender, Aloe Vera, and Jojoba. The 3 step programme consists of a cleanser, mist, and moisturiser. They are just so gentle and refreshing. The cleanser takes off every bit of makeup, doesn't irritate eyes or dry skin, same with the moisturiser. The mist though, oh the mist! I thought this was ridiculous to start with, why am I bothering to spritz my face with Lavender water? It turned out to be my favourite product, it's the fastest way to tone ever and the scent is beautiful. The mist was a life saver on my 37 hour trip home, Lavender helps with sleep and the freshness of the mist helped with the gross feeling you get on long haul flights.

REN is my next favourite after Kora. I love natural products, sulfates and parabens are a big no no. REN used only plant and mineral derived actives helping skin to normalise. My favourite products is ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser. French clay tackles oil, Salicilin acts as an exfoliant and antibacterial, Mayblossom tones pores, and Manuka extract soothes skin. You skin is left so clean and never feeling tight. They also have just brought out a Hot Cloth Cleanser that I can't wait to try!

When in doubt with skincare, buy a French one. Bioderma, DeclĂ©or (the scents are to die for!), Klorane, Caudalie, Darphin, Nuxe… I could go on and on. This Bioderma Sensibo H2O micelle solution is a cult product with makeup artists and models. Doesn't irritate and takes off even waterproof makeup. Done!

Now that I'm well, ageing, serums should be a key step but I've only started incorporating them recently and this has been my favourite. Serum is just a concentrated moisturiser in a lighter formula that absorbs quicker so acts faster. It's more like an intensive treatment that you should do at night so you don't counteract it with makeup and environmental exposure. If your skin gets any way congested I'd skip moisturiser and only use the serum, but if not then both is fine. When I bought the Cell Food Serum the woman at Space.NK told me to lightly pat my cheeks and they should feel soft and bouncy and that's how you know you're moisturiser is good. I was like yeah, sure thing woman, just give me my science-y looking bottle of youth juice. Cut to later that night and my cheeks are like a soft trampoline.  

If you look in my handbag right now you will find keys, wallet, ID, and at least 7 lip balms. They reside in the pockets of all my jeans, so every time I put on a put on a pair it's like hey, these jeans come with a new lip balm! I have a problem, I'm aware. Introduced to this by my friend, Malin+Goetz Mojito Lip Balm one is my newest addiction. As someone who suffers from constant dry chapped lips syndrome, I need something super moisturising and long lasting which this is. It's actually not even a balm, it's a gel and while that might seem odd it's in fact way better. Never sticky or even tacky, it absorbs really well, and you need only use the tiniest amount.

Now where to get all of these I hear you wonder? Links after the jump.

About Town This Week...


London Fashion Weekend 2014

london fashion weekend 2014

So I was back at London Fashion Weekend again. The little sister to London Fashion week it's a chance for those not in the industry to get a taste of the good life, well sort of. Somerset House turns itself into a maze of boutiques surround a catwalk. This year I was lucky enough to get a press pass so I popped along on Saturday for the Trend and Julien MacDonald shows and a bit of shopping. 

First up was the Trend show. This was a low down on the need to know trends for SS14, which are already in stores so no doubt you've already seen them; metals, florals, lace and sports. They've been around for a while but they're continuing to grow and it's all about changing up the styling. This year the Trend shows were styled by the Outnet.com and they nailed it, everything was unique, wearable and importantly realistic, no Boris Bikes and crazy head pieces this year.

Warning: Before we hit the photos I have to apologise because they suck. I couldn't be bothered carting around my camera so it was iPhone all the way and trying not to get someones topknot in my shot was a challenge. Also anything pale in colour did not photograph well with all the flashes and lights but I tried, for you.

Summing it up concisely - shows were good, shopping was bad! I'll explain after the jump...  


Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Since moving back to London from New Zealand I've moved to the London Bridge area, and it is amazing. The location is so good with so many sights and monuments on my doorstep. So I decided to take my camera for a quick walk about the neighbourhood. Together my camera and I hit up St. Paul's Cathedral, Millennium Bridge, The Tate, and The Globe. Then I got coffee and had a wonderfully pensive walk along the river just like in the movies. Okay I didn't, I actually had to go home because the tourists were testing my patience. But otherwise it's absolutely lovely!

St. Paul's Cathedral
St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral
St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral
St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral Reflection
Well those are some shiny balls right there

Millennium Bridge Walk
Lonely guy by Millennium Bridge

London Skyline
London, you beaut.

St. Paul's Cathedral and Millennium Bridge
St. Paul's Cathedral and Millennium Bridge

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
Shakespeare's Globe

London Coffee