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This post is ridiculously overdue but back in September I was lucky enough to be picked by Clinique and Marie Claire to be part of their new online ad for the Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush. Exciting!  Myself and 11 other women were gifted with the brush to trial for a few weeks with the Clinique 3-step system. Three months later and I'm still using it. It's a great exfoliater, so quick and easy to use. The ad features on Marie Claire, InStyle and W&H websites until New Years. I cannot describe how weird it is to see my face randomly popping up. I'm just checking out InStyle for the Best Beauty Buys and there I am, it's surreal! You can check the ad out on Marie Claire as there's a permanent link here along with this article about facial yoga. As if we haven't got enough to worry about now regular yoga is not adequate, your face needs to be zen too. They propose 20 minutes of facial yoga six times a week to reverse the ageing process, to which I say 'ain't nobody got time for that!' Anyway, snaps are below with a few behind the scenes. 

I mean such a great LinkedIn photo...

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